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The history of the brand begins in 1985 in France. The main focus Marc & André makes on creating of the elegant swimwear with original design. The popularity of the brand grows constantly. The peak of popularity Marc & André reached in the mid 90s, due to successful marketing and production strategies.

Today, Marc & André is a popular brand that is able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers by offering unique designs and high quality products.

Designers of Marc & André closely cooperate with high fashion houses and agencies. Such collaboration with world of fashion results in attractive and relevant collections. When creating collections, Marc & André pays great attention to every stage of production starting from a sketch on paper, through selection of fabrics and accessories, test production and up to manufacturing of the final product. All models meet the highest level of quality according to European standard.

Each season, Marc & André prepares over 300 different models of swimwear and about 150 models of lingerie and homeware. The annual production capacity of the brand is about 1 million units. Due to the years of hard work, endless enthusiasm of staff and loyal distribution network, products of Marc & André are in great demand all over Europe and beyond.

Marc & André is the brand for those who appreciate the unsurpassed luxury lingerie and swimwear.