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Walking nearby the bright and creative LUSH shop, it is impossible to avoid a sudden desire to get closer to that shop, to come inside, to feel such a seductive aroma of essential oils.

LUSH is a fresh handmade cosmetics, made to save your youth and your beauty, and to present a joy and harmony with the environment to you.

Today there are more than 700 LUSH shops all over the world.

Since the very beginning and during all history of the success of Lush, Mark Constantine and Lush team are true to their original idea - "the real beauty – inside, not outside". Lush cosmetics is the best confirmation of this. Spending millions on what is outside (packing, advertising and so on) is not in the LUSH style.

Lush doesn't test their products on animals, doesn't buy the ingredients in the companies that conduct animal testing; 71 % of Lush products are suitable for vegans, and packing selected on the basis of the minimum environmental pollution.

The natural LUSH cosmetics uses grown up by an organic method fruit and vegetables in most of the products, natural and good quality cocoa butter from the reliable suppliers. All LUSH products are handmade, there is all necessary information about a product on the packing (which, by the way, is made most environmentally friendly) – manufacturing date, expiration date, full list of ingredients, so the customers know exactly what they buy.

The range of LUSH products is big enough – facial cleansers, moisturizers, dusting powders, shampoos (liquid and solid!), shower gels, deodorants (which don't contain the aluminum!), bath ballistics, bubble bars, massage bars, lip balms and even extravagant shower jellies.

However, despite the big range of LUSH products, the main product in Lush is soap. It rules this fragrant ball. It is possible to find the Lush soap for any skin type, to solve any problem - dry, thin or allergic skin, oil or porous. Except natural base and essential oils as a part of soap, you can meet the fantastic ingredients there - the Belgian chocolate, dried fruit, fresh juice, clay, flowers.

But the main (and most pleasant!) thing is that – all these products are fresh and natural!

Good news for the customers - you can order fresh facial masks in the Lush shops. Their important advantages are that Lush doesn’t use any preservatives, except the natural ones. Just fresh fruit, vegetables, grasses, yogurt, honey and clay. The shelf life of LUSH fresh is only about one month. Hurry up to get the exclusive portion of beauty and freshness!